Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen had a great response to this troll

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Don't mess with these moms.

This troll messed with the wrong moms.

Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen put a Twitter user in their place this weekend after a set of tweets about children's fashion drew ire from the internet.

It all started Saturday when, perhaps inspired by New York Fashion Week, Kardashian shared some fan tweets celebrating her 3-year-old daughter North's cute outfits.

She even explained that North is starting to have opinions about her clothes, and is entering that phase of wanting to pick out what she wears instead of letting her parents decide:
In no time, people were criticizing Kardashian's parenting, with one user claiming that the tweets are "why people hate" her. 
Kardashian didn't take the comments lying down. She embedded the critical tweet into a tweet of her own and pointed out that, like most parents, she's simply trying to encourage her daughter to pursue her interests and hobbies. Plus, Kardashian pointed out, North's father Kanye West works in fashion—what's wrong with spending time with her dad?

As a cherry on top, Kardashian friend and recent new mother herself Chrissy Teigen hopped in with a sarcastic follow-up question:

Don't mess with these moms.

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