Elaine Benes had a few questions for Bernie Sanders on 'SNL'

elaine benes snl

Screengrab via Saturday Night Live/YouTube (CC-BY)

'You can't yadda yadda at a debate.'

Worlds collided on SNL last night. 

Larry David once again reprised his role as Bernie Sanders for a cold open sketch spoofing the recent Brooklyn Democratic debate with Hillary Clinton. Then Elaine Benes showed up.

Host Julia Louis-Dreyfus reprised her Seinfeld role and tossed a hard question to Sanders about bank regulation, who waved it away with a Costanzaian yadda yadda

Dreyfus, who recently reflected on the "sexist environment" at SNL during her time as a cast member during the '80s, also had a meta question for Clinton: "Doesn't it suck to be the only girl in a group of guys?" 

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