Boise Weekly writer Josh Gross wrote what may be the most epic Nickelback takedown of all time last week. He was rewarded with an assignment: Cover a Nickelback show.

They say that a hero can save us. That hero may just be a music critic.

When your brutal takedown of Nickelback becomes a hit on the Web, there’s only one logical thing left to do: go see Nickelback.

Last week, Boise Weekly writer Josh Gross wrote up a list of things far more worthy of your hard-earned cash than a Nickelback ticket. It was widely shared on Facebook and Twitter, turning Gross into a minor Internet star. He wasn’t done with the band though. His paper assigned him to cover the show in Boise, Idaho, Wednesday night. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say.

Gross somehow survived the experience and used Twitter to share his thoughts about the aural torture as it happened.

As with his preview of the concert, Gross’s tweets are utterly hilarious. They include poisonous barbs aimed at the crowd, support acts Seether and Bush, and, of course, Chad Kroeger himself.

Photo of Josh Gross via YouTube

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