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If anyone knows the fine art of emoting, it’s Jon Hamm.

If anyone knows the nuances of the fine art of emoting, it’s Jon Hamm. After all, he is the man responsible for the pitch-perfect SNL spoof of the Auto-Tune cry heard round the world. 

Hamm stopped by Sesame Street to lend his emotive expertise to a very confused Murray, consternated by some new emotions. The twosome tackled guilt, frustration, and amazement, elevating all of our emotional maturity in the process. 

The takeaway? More than just a deeper understanding of that thumping muscle called a heart, but a whole slew of Hamm-tastic mugs that should be printed on emotion flash cards so future generations can learn from his facial brilliance. 


But that’s not all. If your tot needs a crash course in the emotional subtext of Entourage, Hamm has you covered with a “Hug it out!” moment that would make Ari Gold blush. 

GIF via TraciGlee/Tumblr | H/T HyperVocal

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