Celebrities skewer their trolls in Jimmy Kimmel's latest Mean Tweets

mean tweets

Screengrab via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

They're getting even more creative.

Celebrities gathered for another round of Jimmy Kimmel’s recurring Mean Tweets segment, and as autumn rolls in, so do the insults.

Norman Reedus, Melissa McCarthy, Anthony Mackie, Margot Robbie, Paul Rudd, and numerous other stars gathered around to endure the same kind of treatment NBA stars, musicians, and President Barack Obama—and pretty much everyone else on the internet—have all faced. It’s cruel but TV friendly, and it’s always worth it to see just how they react. While some glare, others like Bryan Cranston even prove they can troll right back.

“Are these real, or do you make them up to be especially nasty?” Hugh Grant asked the camera crew.

Sometimes, but you gotta say, the trolls are getting creative.
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Jimmy Kimmel got President Obama to read mean tweets about himself
You’d think being the Commander in Chief would prevent Pres. Obama from seeing the appalling things people write about him on Twitter. He has people to run that for him, plus Congress and Fox News do enough Obama-hating on TV. But even the president sometimes get a bit sad to R.E.M. like our normal celebrities, musicians, and sports stars.
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