Baltimore's Kevin Bolk, the artist behind Sucks to be Weegie has learned, “Internet famous does not equal real famous.” 
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'Dumbo' the octopus is the cutest sea creature you've ever seen
In June, the NPR show Science Friday shined the spotlight on a critter that spends most of its time in the dark: An undescribed species of flapjack octopus that is so utterly cute, researchers are considering naming it "adorabilis."
Pulse is the first vibrator (or 'guybrator') for men
This article contains sexually explicit material that may be NSFW.  When Adam Lewis was a small child, he received a pleasant surprise while swimming in his grandparents’ pool. “I came across the water jets, and to my surprise, it was an incredibly enjoyable sensation,” he recalls. “That was, I guess, the first experience I had with frenulum stimulation.”

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