The funniest and strangest "ebooks" tweets

Strangely poetic Twitter bot @horse_ebooks has inspired a stable of hilarious imitators.

For almost two years, @horse_ebooks has delighted and confounded Twitter users in equal measure with its combination of spam and unintentional poetry. It’s not the only Twitter account of its ilk though, as dozens of others have joined the neigh, I mean, fray.

From pillorying felines and offering some type of recipe advice (we think), the ebooks meme has plenty of legitimate humor amid the nonsensical.

Photo by LadyDragonflyCC

horse ebooks
The absurdist Twitter stylings of @horse_ebooks
“I Will Make Certain You Never Buy Knives Again.”If that sounds like the rantings of a crazy person, think again. That’s just one of the many garbled tweets of @horse_ebooks, a Twitter spambot so absurd that rather than being blocked, it’s developed a following.Ordinarily, Twitter’s 30-person spam team makes it easy to detect and eliminate spam accounts, usually within 24 hours. When the Daily Dot spoke to a spambot developer, he told us his personal record was a bot that ...
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