Hillary Clinton and Stephen Colbert talk about eating on the 2016 campaign trail

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Screengrab via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube

Plus, Colbert shows Clinton how to eat cheesecake.

Hillary Clinton sat down with Stephen Colbert at the famed Carnegie Deli to talk politics and the political art of eating on the campaign trail on the eve of the New York primary.

Any policy talk is mostly left off the table as they sit in the empty deli and chat about her likely Republican opponent, Donald Trump; working with Congress; becoming a grandmother again; and the kinds of foods she has and hasn’t eaten on the campaign.

As John Kasich can tell you, political eating is a vital part to the campaign and what you do and don’t eat (and how you eat it) can easily make headlines.

But of course it comes back to the piece of cheesecake Clinton wanted but didn’t partake in because of the possible headlines to come out of it—although reports and memes about her not eating it happened anyway. Colbert’s advice? Have your cake and then offer the press a tiny piece—because chances are they might want it just as much.
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