Register to vote on Hillary's site and you could meet Pusha T

Pusha T

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Tweets open doors.
Hillary Clinton isn't stopping at Between Two Ferns and naked Katy Perry to capture the youth vote. She's enlisted the help of Pusha T. 

The rapper and president of GOOD Music—and one half of Clipse—has joined forces with Clinton's campaign for a new contest. If you register to vote before Oct. 6 on Clinton's website, you'll be entered to win a chance to meet Pusha backstage at a concert, and Hilldogg's campaign will cover airfare for the winner and a plus one, as well as hotel accommodations. 

Pusha's support isn't out of left field: In July, he rolled out a "Delete Your Account" shirt that references Clinton's brand-defining tweet to Trump, with proceeds going to Re-Imagine Justice. He also hinted that he'd be getting involved with voter registration. 
Still, many people seemed baffled by this partnership, pointing out that Pusha made rapping about being a drug dealer part of his brand in Clipse. Others pointed out its baffling brilliance. Tweets open doors. 

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