Hey girl, it's Rachel Maddow!

hey girl, it's rachel maddow
Has Ryan Gosling been replaced?

Hey Girl, I know how you love those Ryan Gosling Tumblrs. They really mean a lot to you—you and your friends, who’ve created at least fifty of the damn things, so many, in fact, that maybe lately they’ve come to seem a little … well, just too comfortable, you know what I mean?

You take them for granted just a bit. Like in a Sex and the City episode where everything seems to be going so right—not GREAT but right—that you know something is wrong. Something is missing. That spark. That delight. That special surprise.


Well girl, I’ve got something special just for you: you and your bi-curious friends, that is.

Hey Girl, It’s Rachel Maddow!

All America loves a telegenic lesbian, and it’s love to the power of ten when she’s brainy and just gosh-darn loves her country! She’s your dreamboat; she’s your best friend; she’s your quirky sidekick; she’s the George to your Nancy Drew; she’s the Kate Jackson to your Farrah Fawcett (shut up, I’m old).

She’s the latest new sensation on Tumblr, and she’s ready and waiting for you, with a picnic basket and a tandem bike and the most approachable, yet intellectually rigorous, font this side of EmoArthur.

hey girl
Hey girl, Ryan Gosling's also a feminist
“Hey girl, gender is a social construct but everyone likes to cuddle.” These are the words of Feminist Ryan Gosling, every (straight) academic feminist’s perfect man. In a Tumblr blog launched this week, images of the dreamy actor mash up with sensitive—yet academic— references to feminist icons such as Derrida, bell hooks and Virginia Woolf.
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