Here's why some GIFs need sound

If a GIF has sound, is it still a GIF?

Do you feel that your favorite animated GIF files are missing a little musical pizazz?

For example, at first glance, this shot of villain Bane gyrating in a fur coat does not seem to need anything additional. Everything from its humor to whatever message it may have been trying to convey is pretty cut and dry.

Upon further study, however (and perhaps a few shots of tequila), sharp-eyed fans will realize what exactly the GIF sorely lacks: Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A."

CompilarizTV's video "GIFs with Sound Compilation" collects 36 different popular GIFs and pairs each one with oddly appropriate music, like Nyan Cat with its Tom Waits-inspired counterpart.

The supercut has gotten over 8,000 views since being posted to YouTube on Jan. 27.

The music is just as varied as the GIF files themselves, with Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho score, expertly—and frighteningly—set to an animated GIF of llamas slowly approaching a cameraperson.

You won’t see these GIFs the same way ever again.

Photos and GIFs via CompilarizTV/YouTube

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