PSY's smash-hit music video reached the 100 million mark in just 51 days. To celebrate, check out an amazing Chatroulette performance of the song.

Korean hip-hop star PSY has taken his “Gangnam Style” dance all over the globe, but the official video for the song reached a true milestone as it crossed 100 million views on YouTube.


It took “Gangnam Style” 51 days to reach 100 million, faster than Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” but some way off the record of six days set by Kony 2012. PSY thanked his fans on Twitter for helping the track hit the mark.

The popular track’s spawned a string of memes and cover videos, such as a Chatroulette version which is now charming YouTubers.

“Gangnam Style” is a brilliant, glossy production filled with explosions, wind machines, and a cast of dozens, whereas the entertaining GANGNAM STYLE on CHATROULETTE (by YouTubers Stef and Stefani) looks like it had a budget of three dollars and was filmed in an apartment with just a few people.


As impressive as the editing and choreography are, by far the best thing about this is the reactions of those watching everything go down. The guy right at the start is at first puzzled, then delighted once he realizes what’s going on. The very bemused dude around the 2:16 mark just pips all those dancing as my favorite.

YouTubers loved it as well, with carrozzo88 calling it “the best video of all time.” The clip landed on Reddit too, rocketing up to the front page of the site’s video section.

Photo via YouTube

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