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Check out his isolated vocals from "Under Pressure." 

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a cappella
Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson get an encore in this 'Pitch Perfect 2' trailer
At last, the eagerly awaited trailer to Pitch Perfect 2 is out. This sequel was a certainty once the first Pitch Perfect became a sleeper hit thanks to the Internet's love of catty girl-powered comedies, Glee-esque a cappella harmonies, and stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. Now, the second film is almost here, and we can honestly say: We missed you when you were gone, Barden Bellas.
LeBron James broke a cardinal rule of royalty when he met Duchess Kate
On Monday night, Lebron James met the visiting Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after a Nets game in Brooklyn, N.Y. "King James" smiled while he was photographed with Prince William and Kate Middleton, but the Duchess’ face showed that something was amiss.

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