Celebrate Freddie Mercury's birthday in style

Mercury birthday
The Internet is pulling out all kinds of stops today to celebrate the birthday of deceased rock icon Freddie Mercury.

In honor of Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday, Google created a special doodle for its site for the next 48 hours, spending three months on it. On social networks, Freddie Mercury was a trending topic on Twitter, and videos of Mercury enjoyed a healthy bump on YouTube.  

But birthdays are really about cake ...and presents. We have a feeling the self-described "musical prostitute" would be heartened by the digital outpouring... and these products. 

Dad arrested for throwing teen daughter a boozy, Playboy-themed birthday party
Tarnishing the good name of lawyers everywhere, father Jeff Lake of Poway, Calif., threw his 18-year-old daughter Liv a massive, booze-soaked, Playboy-style birthday party on Friday night—an act of wanton debauchery that could land him in jail for up to six months.
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