A new Tumblr blog pairs anonymous confessions about the Food Network with stills of the corresponding host of TV program. 

Watching chefs make meals on TV is hardly the same as experiencing food in person, yet Food Network certainly stirs up emotions in viewers.

Tumblr blog Food Network Confessions acts much like a PostSecret for foodies. Tumblr community members anonymously submit their deepest, darkest thoughts about Food Network and some of its stars.

The blog’s creator then matches up those confessions with images from the network’s shows to create a concoction of star and proclamation.

The confessions range from simple observations and the admission of crushes on Alton Brown and Michael Symon to the general bad taste Guy Fieri leaves in the mouths of many. It’s an interesting look into the minds of Food Network viewers, though not enough posts point out just how awful Bitchin’ Kitchen is.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite posts on the blog.

Photo via YouTube

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