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This promotional video tells the story of a woman almost implanted with a "666" microchip in the supermarket. 

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Family International, previously known as Children of God and Family of Love, has always branded itself as the “cool” cult in order to recruit young people attracted to counterculture.

They wear hip outfits, produce music videos and encourage their members to explore their bodies and enjoy sex–even going as far as promoting a form of evangelical prostitution known as "Flirty Fishing."

Below is a music video produced by Family International in the 1980′s titled “Kathy Don’t Go.” It’s a jaunty tune about a young woman named Kathy who narrowly avoids being implanted with a ’666′ microchip at the supermarket. We promise you’ll be humming it all day.

Christianity, Promiscuity and Pedophilia Inside ‘The Family’ Cult

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