Facebookers dress up Dwight Howard.

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Facebook’s NBA fans are eagerly anticipating the league’s most exciting potential trade. Speculation abounds about where fan favorite Dwight Howard will land before the trade deadline on Thursday—so some users passing around a picture of the superstar center, showing him in six different uniforms.

It’s been commented on by over 12,000 people since it was posted on the SportsNation Facebook page Tuesday.

Though the experts are confident Howard will either go to the New Jersey Nets or finish the season with his Orlando Magic and then become a free agent, that doesn’t deter Facebook users from offering their own opinions. In addition to supporters of each of the six options, some present even less likely scenarios.

“Signs with Celtics,” wrote Terrence Leap.

“where's the bobcats jersey at?” asked Shane Gavegan.

“All wrong. MIAMI HEAT. or Blazers,” wrote Derrick Temple.

Photo from Facebook

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