Evil Milk lifts Rob Delaney’s tweet for a terrible meme

Stop me if you've heard this one before...

Can we all agree to just stop stealing Rob Delaney's jokes?

The guy has nearly half a million fans on Twitter. He will find out about it. And then he'll rat you out.

That was the case this morning when TV cameraman Cortland Sandover-Sly tweeted to the Funniest Man on Twitter that the website Evil Milk had stolen one of Delaney's joke for a meme about neck tattoos that featured a Photoshopped image of actor Michael Cera.

The joke, which Delaney tweeted on May 11: "A neck tattoo used to say 'Watch out, motherfucker!' Now it says, 'I'd love to read you a poem about my vegan bicycle.'"

Delaney didn't have much to say about the heist. In a tweet that he's since deleted, Delaney attached "Yes, yes they did." to Sandover-Sly's message before moving on to riff on about his fondness for 1990s alternative grunge group Alice In Chains.

It's possible that his blasé attitude towards the stolen joke is a result of redundancy. Just last week, Delaney ridiculed noted Internet image-jackers 9GAG for stealing another one of his jokes and not giving him credit.

Delaney has also noted in the past that it's not entirely worth it for a comedian to get too worked about about another comedian (or, it's safe to assume, website) stealing his material. In a 2011 column he wrote for Vice magazine, the comedian wrote, "[I]f I couldn't immediately write several more jokes to replace [the stolen joke], then I wasn't funny, and I had no business calling myself a comedian."

Photo via Rob Delaney

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