EMT pilot
The cooking show for men apparently is just too good for just the Web.

Epic Meal Time, the testosterone-laden YouTube cooking show featuring copious amounts of bacon, might be coming to a TV near you.

In November, co-creator of EMT Harley Morenstein tweeted he was on his way to filming a TV pilot for G4, the male-centric network owned by NBCUniversal. Morenstein has been signed on as executive producer, according to a recent news report by Hollywood Reporter.

Does this mean no more EMT on YouTube?

Shortly after Morenstein’s first tweet, he reassured fans that  EMT will still release a new video every Tuesday, adding “we will NOT be tamed.” The Web channel will continue, and will maintain its independence from the network. “G4 will not be granted a stake of any size in the Web version,” according to Hollywood Reporter.

“We’re excited for the guys, and for the brand to expand onto any and all platforms,” Ryan Vance, Revision3 VP of Programming,  told TubeFilter about the TV deal. (Epic Meal Time is produced by Revision3, an online video content network.)  “Should G4 decide to pick up the series, we’d look for ways to work together on cross promotion.  However, we’re going to stay focused on the digital side of the Epic Meal Time business, which is separate from TV.”

Given EMT’s copious amounts of fans, and the record-breaking time it took the Web show to reach one million subscribers, one has to wonder why G4 didn’t sign up for more than a pilot. Harley Morenstein has already appeared on G4’s Attack of the Show a variety of times, and Epic Meal Time was named the Kings of Dot Com Comedy by G4 in March.


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