Epic Meal Time's sin against bacon

epic meal time baconlube
The hit YouTube cooking show celebrates salted pork products—and now it sells them, too. But what will fans say when they find out that "baconlube" contains no actual bacon?

There’s a scandal cooking in YouTubeland. And it smells like bacon.

Epic Meal Time, the hit manly cooking show distributed by online video studio Revision3, features copious amounts of bacon, bacon, and then even more bacon.

And now it’s selling bacon-flavored lube, salt, and spread on an Epic Meal Time storefront at J&D Foods.

“The partnership between J&D’s and Epic Meal Time is a match made in bacon heaven,” said Brad Murphy, Revision3’s chief revenue officer, in an interview with Tubefilter, a Web publication covering YouTube.

Bacon heaven—or hell?

According to Tubefilter, thousands of the Epic Meal Time products have already been sold, and the bacon-flavored spread is a “top seller.”

It’s unclear from the product description what the bacon spread is made out of, but at least the lube is described as “water-based” and “made in America.”  

What it’s not actually made of: bacon.

J&D describes the lube as a “pork-flavored nectar,” but then claims it’s “vegan-safe” and “vegetarian-friendly.”

Here’s how Epic Meal Time, a concept cooking show that began in 2010, describes its goals: “We have set out on a mission to create the most epic meals and then eat them. In a time where people are putting an emphasis on dieting and health, we choose to rebel.”

That’s one way to rebel: peddle faux “pork-flavored nectar” with no actual pork in it.

EMT has amassed more than 2 million subscribers to its YouTube channel, and collected more than 287 million views, an impressive feat given its status as a relative newcomer to YouTube. Here they are serving up bacon in San Francisco:

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