Eminem announces new album with epic 7-minute Donald Trump diss track


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This is not the first time Trump and Slim Shady have crossed paths.

Eminem has been a famous rapper long enough to diss Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The 44-year-old on Wednesday confirmed that he's working on a new album. He tweeted a seven-minute song, "Campaign Speech," which attacks Trump for his volatile public persona, calling him a "rebel with devil horns" who "just fell off the yellow short bus." 

Em also calls Trump a "loose cannon who's blunt with his hand on the button who doesn't have to answer to no one." Check out the song below.

As a motor-mouthed lyricist who emerged from mid-'90s battle culture, Eminem's a gifted writer with few competitors. But Eminem's poor turns have come at the hands of bad taste—from his continued use of gay slurs and Christopher Reeve jokes (yup, he did both again today), to rapping with fake accents and over clunky and corny beats that he self-produced.

But his generation-defining talent at times remains breathtaking. 

Over on Twitter reactions to the new music were mostly positive...

...But certainly, having a Gen-X artist push back into the mainstream was met with some eye rolls.

Interestingly, as Mother Jones points out, Eminem and Trump do share some pop crossover history. Trump introduced Shady back in 2004 during an album launch party for his fourth major label record, Encore. Watch the shenanigans below, and then grow ponderous upon realizing that one of these men actually made a real dash to the White House.

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