Drake reportedly has a secret Snapchat account

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Screengrab via Champagne Papi/Instagram (CC-BY)

First one to figure out his username wins.

If you're a Drake fan with a Snapchat account, there's a mystery you're going to want solved. The rapper has apparently had a secret Snapchat account for a few months, and he's using it to tease his new album Views from the Six.

The saga started back in January, when the Champagne Papi himself appeared on Snapchat king DJ Khaled's story for a "special cloth alert." 

In the weeks since, random snippets have appeared on Twitter and YouTube that suggest the rapper has created an account of his own, but no one has been able to figure out his username.

One YouTube video features a tour of Drake's new mansion. The comments are full of people asking for the clip's account of origin, but alas... no one seems to know what it is. 

For anyone out there thinking, "Hey, maybe these videos are from his friends' accounts or something," DJ Khaled confirmed the fact that Drake has a personal Snapchat account in a recent radio interview. But again, no username: 

... 😒😒 @champagnepapi @purposeful.child #champagnepapi #ovo #teamdrizzy #beyhive #teamovo #drake #drakesnapchat

A video posted by Champagnepapi (@drakes_hoodies) on

Fans have understandably been freaking out trying to solve the mystery, but no one seems to have a clue: 

Until Drake is ready to debut his account, we'll probably be left in the dark on these grade-A snaps—unless someone in-the-know is willing to spill. C'mon DJ Khaled. 

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