YouTuber OneLoveCandyman shows you moonwalking like you've never seen it before.

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  • AOL’s longest-running employee breaks down the history of the company’s iconic chatrooms.
  • Facebook and Yahoo call a truce in their ongoing patent war and decide to partner up in an advertising deal instead.
  • In a continuing series of ‘90s nostalgia posts, HyperVocal collects the 50 best Tumblr pics from 1998.
  • A map compares the frequency of tweets about “church” and “beer” across the U.S., ostensibly revealing some interesting regional differences among American Twitter users.
  • Europe’s Pirate Bay blockade appears to have backfired. BitTorrent traffic is up across the region since the popular file-sharing site was blocked in the U.K., the Netherlands, and other countries.
  • The latest version of Rep. Lamar Smith’s Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act removes a controversial requirement that Internet service providers maintain extensive records on their customers and make them available to the government.

Above: No disrespect to the King of Pop, but moonwalking just got an upgrade from YouTuber OneLoveCandyman.

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