Drop a dollar into the jar of your choice, and the virtuosos at CDZA will change their tune accordingly.

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  • The Internet Archive has made much of its free, legal content available in the form of more than 1.4 million torrent files.
  • How did footage of the Curiosity Mars Rover become the subject of multiple copyright claims under YouTube’s Content ID system?
  • The world’s most adorable dog, Boo the Pomeranian, has millions of Facebook fans. Boo also has a secret: his owner is a Facebook employee.
  • BitCoin-powered online drug market Silk Road has become a booming business, racking up $22 million in annual sales.
  • Meet the tweeters behind the Curiosity Mars Rover’s official Twitter account.
  • Speaking of Curiosity, it didn’t shoot this stunning Mars panorama, which has been retweeted nearly 3,000 times. The panorama was constructed from images captured by an earlier rover, Opportunity.

Above: The musical masterminds at CDZA form a human jukebox, playing requests on the fly for passersby.

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