Bumper cars, sumo wrestling, and soccer combine in the perfect sport

devinsupertramp zorb
Who wouldn't want to slam into their friends at top speed in a giant bubble?

Imagine a game where you could charge your friends at top speed and bounce back without a scrape. That’s the world devinsupertramp created in his latest YouTube video featuring a crowd playing soccer in Zorb balls.

Zorb balls are like giant inflatable bubbles that protect you while still allowing you to see through and move in any direction; think hamster balls, but for humans. Devin “Supertramp” Graham, whose high-quality adventure videos often snag millions of views on YouTube, created the video, which combines fast and slow-motion shots that capture the full experience of a Zorb soccer game.

Like Graham’s other clips, this video is paid for by a corporate sponsor—this time Champion—but that doesn’t lessen their shine in the slightest. Graham’s videos are too fascinating and action-packed to ignore, from urban ziplining to an Assassin's Creed-themed parkour course.

Screenshot via devinsupertramp/YouTube

devin supertramp
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Two years ago, thrill-seeking YouTube filmmaker Devin “SuperTramp” Graham told the Daily Dot he gets his highs “putting my camera in dangerous situations, like leaning off a cliff or riding in a flatbed truck.” Turns out that’s also how Graham gets his corporate cash—from folks like Speed Stick, Vooray, video game production houses, and hippie snack foods like Bear Naked granola.
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