Daily Fluff: Puppy takes a spa day to unwind

It's a ruff life.

The holidays are always hard on Camilla the puppy.  All that running around, all the stress of dealing with family, the overeating, the shopping, the office parties, the non-stop Christmas music — it’s enough to drive even the most mentally balanced pooch off the deep end.  That’s why this year, Camilla has pledged to take it easy and make sure to schedule more “me time” into the season.

After a long and hectic Thanksgiving weekend, Camilla is taking it easy this week before plunging once again into the holiday melee and getting ready for the Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years gauntlet. Today, for example, Camilla treated herself to a relaxing day at the spa.  

We hope that this year things are a little easier on her.


Via camilajinahn.

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