Daily Fluff: Kitten siblings considering bigger apartment

Nine kittens in Wisconsin are a little limited by their price range.

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When the Johnson litter, a group of nine kitten siblings from Madison, WI, decided to move out and find a new place, they found slim pickings in their price range.  

“They ultimately moved into a studio apartment,” said real estate agent Tammy Baymore, a source close to the situation.  Baymore explained that because the kittens don’t have jobs, their price range was a very limiting factor in choosing an apartment.

But now that they’ve been living together for a month in close quarters, the nonuplets are beginning to think they need a bigger place.  

“One or two of them are going to have to get jobs if they want more space,” said Baymore. “There just isn’t anything bigger that they can afford right now.”

Via nordicute.

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