Daily Fluff: Doggie duo teaches chemistry basics on YouTube

One YouTube user combines a love of chemistry and dog training.

Atomic numbers? Polarity? Valence electrons? Blah, blah, blah, shove it in your textbook, grandpa.

Wait — we can learn chemistry from puppies on YouTube? Eat your heart out, Mr. Sheffler’s 3rd period class.


h/t Peter Smeg

Little girl keeps 6 hungry pit bulls in line as she prepares their meal
This 4-year-old girl could probably give the Dog Whisperer a run for his money. Mealtime for dogs is always something of a production. When you own six pit bulls, it’s akin to an entire Broadway show in terms of effort and entertainment. One 4-year-old whose family owns six hungry pit bulls decided to take charge over their meal time, and as you can see below, she used the power of the kibble to gain complete control over the situation.
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