Count the syllables: five, seven, five, in three lines. We're haiku poets!

Here at the Daily Dot we have been posting roundups all week: the year in Twitter, the year in Facebook, the year in Tumblr, the year in Whatever.

And now, the year in Poetry!

Thanks to the genius of Jonathan Feinberg’s online Haiku Finder, we present hidden haikus in The Daily Dot of 2011 (which so far is the whole Daily Dot since we were born this year.) Haikus and the Internet go together like peanut butter and bacon: You got your Internet in my poetry: well, you got your poetry in my Internet!


"Shit," she said, watching
the bridge through the camera screen,
now stained with rain drops.

It took me 12 years,
and I never thought I'd be
making rap music.

We've done everything
we can, as an industry,
to get in the way.

You'll never install
batteries in a remote
the same way again.

For the rich, single
and looking, there are several
sites from which to choose.

Lane ends up screaming
again once he realizes
he is on camera.

Every time you look
at that picture you will smile
and think about this.

Forget candy corn.
How about some candy cake?
The pumpkin abides.

The group was testing
Internet security,
the release stated.

"THE BORIS" 10 oz.
marijuana Serve on rocks.
Stir vigorously.

Even the world's most
interesting man is concerned
about hearing loss.

It has real aspects
in it like the suppression
by the Capitol.

It's cold and dreary
outside and you would rather
watch E!; we get it.

Of course, OK Go
knows a thing or two about
viral videos.

Some of his photos
were serious while others
included his pooch.

"Two of my friends were
diagnosed with breast cancer
this year," she explained.

He led a rough life
in his childhood and grew up
protecting himself.

"This is giving me
new energy, a new lease
on life," Testa said.

We are fine, I felt
nothing but some residents
are reporting it.

I hope the people
who have done such a dreadful
act will rot in hell.

"Did I miss something?
Second Life is still around
and it makes $100M a year?

In the video,
the Fat Jew is nude except
for pink rubber gloves.

The story, by Charles
Beaumont, was originally
turned down by Esquire.

The bird in your hand
will just bite your hand many
times with the bird beak.

This little 'asking
out celebs' trend needs to stop.
But of course, it won't.

But who likes reading?
Watch a video of their
interview instead.

The second, Casey
smoking a cigar with words
"Haters Gonna Hate."

And to her credit,
she has a sense of humor
about the whole thing.

(And a good thing, too, if she read this far.)

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