These app users want to share their GIFts with you.

Cinemagram is a popular iPhone GIF application that allows people to turn any mundane real world scene into a work of art. There are hundreds of thousands of users who create more than 100,000 GIFs a day so below, we’ve collected five different Cinemagram artists you should be following right now.

1) Ryan Weaver: Reinterpreting the real world, one GIF at a time

2) TechnicallyRon: GIFs fit for the movies

3) Dr_Nara: Making the small things in life a little more animated

4) angelo000: All about perspective

5) SCott: Not your average newspaper comics

Honorable mentions: prin, 777matthew, Mellina

GIF by Dory

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Why Cinemagram is the premier social network for GIF artists
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