Popular YouTube prankster arrested after wedgie spree

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Charles Ross films pranks and posted them to YouTube, but police found he went too far when he grabbed the back of a man's pants and "pulled them up hard."

A somewhat popular YouTuber known for running somewhat elaborate pranks has been arrested for being somewhat of an idiot.

Charles Ross, 18, was arrested on battery charges Sunday night after a victim of one of his pranks told police that Ross grabbed him "by the back of his pants and pulled them up hard."

That's right. Ross gave the man a wedgie.

The man who reported the prank wasn't the only victim. According to the Bradenton Herald, Ross and a friend were up to these tricks all evening.

The two were first seen Sunday at 7:42pm with a camera and some grabby hands. Ross would grab people's underwear and yank and then ask the victim if they'd like to punch him. According to certain victims, Ross' friend held the camera during each stunt.

The pranks, in all likelihood, were performed in an effort to create content for a prank video that will now likely never air; some type of wedgie-filled freakfest that falls in line with Ross' other YouTube videos, which find the Bradenton man doing such annoying things as kissing strangers, climbing into a stranger's car, and sleeping on people's shoulders.

This is the second time in three months that Ross has been arrested for doing annoying things in public places. In September, he was charged with negligence and obstruction of justice without violence and forced to pay an $870 bond.

Ross was briefly taken to the county jail, where police let him go after he posted a $750 bond.

Photo via Manatee County

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