The CAPS OFF PLEASE podcast: The slowness of YouTube

n the 10th installment of CAPS OFF PLEASE, the guys discuss tattoos, feminism, and just about everything else you can imagine. 

In the 10th installment of CAPS OFF PLEASE, the guys discuss tattoos and feminism, take some viewer questions about sleeping with dictators, argue airplane etiquette, talk about Facebook pranksters eating poop, the slowness of YouTube, and lament the fact that everyone eventually has to apologize to the internet. 

Typically these are NSFW and this one is no different. The Daily Dot makes no claims of affiliation, and the views do not represent those of the Daily Dot. The podcast is available on iTunes.

caps off please
CAPS OFF PLEASE Podcast: On kid rappers and quitting Reddit
In this ninth installment of the CAPS OFF PLEASE podcast—now with new logo!—the boys discuss child rappers, why we all should abandon Reddit, spending Bitcoin, why Pizza Hut sucks, strippers on Twitter, and Google Glass. And they even take some listener questions!
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