caps off podcast
The Web comics behind CAPS OFF PLEASE go in no-holds-barred on the Daily Dot.

Instead of telling your boss to eat it—just sit back, relax, and listen to this podcast while ignoring your job duties.

This podcast features the authors of CAPS OFF PLEASE comics commenting on stories featured on the Daily Dot in an irreverent and NSFW way. Actually, it’s only NSFW if you blare it John Cusack-style with a boombox in your office. If you have headphones on, then you should be fine.

In this podcast enjoy such topics as: cruising Craigslist for chicks, editing Wikipedia for free, productive potheads, Columbian prostitutes, Twitter, Tumblr, billion-dollar Instagram, Kickstarter, and catching your Egyptian wife in a porn.

Standard disclaimer applies: These are not the views of the Daily Dot.

Want to savor the moment? Right click the link to download the podcast

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