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On Canvas, it's not what you answer, but how you do it that matters/ 

With more than one million posts last year, Canvas is the image board of choice for meme junkies. Every afternoon, the Daily Dot highlights a collection of images that reflect Canvas users’ current obsession.

Photo by mashimero

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Disney releases an official 'Star Wars' app, featuring augmented-reality lightsaber training
Disney has launched an official Star Wars app that lets fans enjoy everything from augmented-reality lightsaber practice to professional-grade audio clips and Jedi-themed selfies.
R-rated 'Harry Potter' parody imagines an even worse life for Harry and friends
As Harry Potter fans often like to point out, the series isn't exactly a happy children's tale. In the first book alone, we find out that our hero has lived the entire first decade of his life in a dark crawlspace while suffering extreme emotional and physical abuse at the hands of his relatives, all following the horrific murder of his parents by an actual sociopathic serial killer. And the first book is

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