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With more than one million posts last year, Canvas is the image board of choice for meme junkies. Every afternoon, the Daily Dot highlights a collection of images that reflect Canvas users’ current obsession.

Photo remix by blackstabbath

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Kids' orchestra slays with Led Zeppelin xylophone covers
That rock and roll exists at all is a testament to artistic rebellion, and when it comes to turning convention on its head, the Louisville Leopard Percussionists are virtually without peers. Who else could translate the heavy metal stylings of Led Zeppelin into a xylophone-and-marimba opus?
The Internet meme is dying, and Reddit is killing it
The Reddit community rejoiced. Users wrote phrases like “praise be Jesus,” “about friggin time,” and “feeling #blessed.” Why? Advice Animals—home to 4.2 million meme-obsessed subscribers—had been booted from Reddit’s front page.
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