Canadian goose attack caught on tape

goose attack
Point. Laugh. Repeat.  

When Canadian geese attack!

It sounds like a terrible VHS series. But geese attacks, as scary as they may be to those being badgered, happen to make hilarious YouTube videos.

Found in parking lots, golf courses, and grassy spaces by waterways, Canadian geese are notoriously aggressive when protecting their nests, their mates, and their offspring.

The first goose attack caught on camera this year appears to come from Canada. Uploaded on March 26, the video features a man trying to fend off a hissing goose with his leather satchel as a shield and what appears to be a newspaper as his sword.

The cameraman and onlookers, who are either coworkers or students, chortle away as the goose beats his wings, snaps his beak, and charges the flustered man.

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