The 'Breaking Bad' series finale answered every question except…

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It's hard to talk about the Breaking Bad finale without dunking your head into a spoiler Jacuzzi, but let's just say Gilligan and Co. tied up all the loose ends nicely. After what must have been the tensest half-season in TV history, it was nice to have some real closure and—finally—breathe out. “Felina” answered just about every question fans had. Does Jesse get his revenge on Todd? Who is the ricin for? Does Skyler live? … Every question except one.  

Wait a sec, where is Huell Babineaux? Last we saw Saul Goodman's bodyguard, he was chilling in a safehouse until further notice, believing Jesse's brains were elsewhere than in his head and that he himself was in mortal danger. Hank told him to stay put. As far as we know, Huell never left.

I guess we'll find out when Better Call Saul premieres. Or wait, here's an idea: Let's ask Lavell Crawford, the comic who plays Huell on Breaking Bad:

I would tell Heisenberg, but [SPOILERS]!

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