The Boston Marathon will continue as planned in 2014

Trump declared a threat to human rights in new report
Human Rights Watch claims that he 'threatens to reverse the accomplishments of the modern human rights movement.'

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Boston Marathon explosion
Sock it to 'em, Boston. Also: Why your video games are made by the same boring ol' white dudes.

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  • 10 heroes of the Boston Marathon tragedy.
  • Also good: The Boston Marathon will continue as planned in 2014.
  • Why your video games are made by childless, 31-year-old white men, and how one studio is fighting back.
  • You've seen this all over your Facebook by now, but the Dove "Real Beauty" ad is worth three minutes of your time. 

  • 30 adorable puppy GIFs: I think we could all use this.
  • 10 picks for the Tribeca Film Festival.
  • Watch Rave Dad go HAM at Coachella.
  • Cool. Tiny spacesuits let insect larvae survive in a vacuum.
  • I'll leave you with this: Quvenzhané Wallis in a hardcore dance-off post–MTV Movie Awards.

boston marathon
Runner with muscular dystrophy finished the Boston Marathon at 4am
Maickel Melamed, a college professor from Venezuela, crossed the finish line for the Boston Marathon at 4:00 this morning, a grueling 20 hours after the starting gun went off yesterday morning.
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