Ben Carson struggles to explain why he endorsed Donald Trump

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‘What a time to be alive.’

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is still making his reluctant case for Donald Trump while being forced to debate Daily Show host Trevor Noah parading as his long-lost brother.

Noah asked Carson about his original endorsement, questioning why he would even endorse a man he said “can only be president for four years, so it can’t be that bad.” Carson responded that that would be the worst-case scenario.

Still, Carson pressed ahead with his explanation of why he thought Trump should be president and what we could expect from a Trump administration. There are two Trumps, he said: the one we see in public and the one Carson knows.

“We are the child of every other nation, so we should have the welfare of every other nation at heart and conduct ourselves in a very different way,” Carson said. “And if we can learn from them and we can conduct ourselves in a way that demonstrates compassion towards others, I believe that it can be a dawning of a new world.”

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