Internet sidesteps issue of Barry Bonds' big game hunting, argues about baseball instead

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Photo via Dan Gaken/Flickr (CC-BY) April Siese

Put an asterisk on that elk's head.

On Wednesday, controversial home run king and current Miami Marlins hitting coach Barry Bonds posted three Instagram photos featuring his fat smiling face and some of the big game he's been hunting.

Here, have a look.

Lots of people ask me if I hunt and I say yes. #elkhunting

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Water buck in Africa...

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Bowed this gems buck in Africa..

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Naturally, PETA issued a scathing statement about Bonds' bow skills in Africa and wherever large elks are killed. Reached by The Big Lead, the animal rights organization condemned the former San Francisco Giants' behavior, while also throwing a shitload of shade. "A stuffed head or a pair of antlers is no replacement for the trophies that Bonds hasn’t been able to win since his doping scandal," PETA states.

Many fans expressed a similar sentiment, choosing to sidestep the whole "Bonds killed a giant animal with a bow" thing and instead focus on his MLB record-setting 762 home runs; a feat that was mired in controversy following a federal doping investigation that linked the star athlete with BALCO.

Whether you like Bonds' off-the-field conduct or not certainly doesn't make much of a difference, unless you're Ichiro Suzuki. The beloved outfielder is his pick to be Home Run Derby king, fueling a popular conspiracy theory that Suzuki's always been a power hitter but just never gave enough of a shit to show off.

Bonds' exhibitionist animal-killing ways may be just what Suzuki needs to unleash his inner big hitting beast.

Barry Bonds sentenced to house arrest—in his mansion
Former  San Francisco Giants superstar slugger Barry Bonds was sentenced today, to 30 days of house arrest (at his Beverly Hills mansion) two years of probation, 250 hours of community service and—oh yes—a $4,100 fine.
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