Obama delivers the perfect mic drop over his mean tweets

President Obama reads mean tweets

Screengrab via Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Obama out.

President Obama has had to put up with a lot during his eight years in office. And now that he’s on his way out, he has no fucks left—especially for the crappy things people tweet at him.

He did Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segment before, but this time around, he knew he could drop the niceties. He’s sharp, sarcastic, and more at ease throwing insults back. And when he’s given the holy grail of mean tweets, the retort practically writes itself.

This is Obama’s revenge for every time someone’s taken his phone away from him. And you know a response is imminent—it’s kind of the thing his thin-skinned target lives for.
barack obama
Jimmy Kimmel got President Obama to read mean tweets about himself
You’d think being the Commander in Chief would prevent Pres. Obama from seeing the appalling things people write about him on Twitter. He has people to run that for him, plus Congress and Fox News do enough Obama-hating on TV. But even the president sometimes get a bit sad to R.E.M. like our normal celebrities, musicians, and sports stars.
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