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Basketball fans, now you can compete with the president.

As college basketball’s March madness tournament  gets into full swing, those who have taken the time to fill out a bracket (and maybe risk a part of their next paycheck) will be constantly checking to see how they're doing in the standings. But while you're at it, check out President Barack Obama's bracket, which is pretty easy to find if you search for #BaracksBracket on Twitter.

So far the president and I are pretty even; both of us mistakenly picked West Virginia to make it to the next round, although I'll give him credit for picking VCU over Wichita State. And I'm starting to feel pretty good about my championship pick, because both of us have the University of North Carolina taking it all.

Obama's campaign was the first to try and make #BaracksBracket take off, and while many satellite campaign Twitter accounts mentioned it, not many more did. According to, it only gained about 1,000 mentions.

But some people decided to change their political leanings after reviewing Obama's picks, including David Black: “BO picked Mizzou over Michigan State. Guess I'm voting Republican. Sorry women, thinkers, poor people, and Americans. #BaracksBracket.” 

Photo by the White House

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