The internet had a lot of feelings about 'The Bachelorette's' Men Tell All special

Bachelorette Season 12 cast

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They may not have gotten roses, but these dudes stole our hearts. Except for Chad.

The “Men Tell All” special of the Bachelorette is arguably one of the best episodes of every season. All of the men who did not get roses come back, air their grievances, and threaten to fight each other. JoJo’s bachelors on Tuesday night did not fail to deliver. 

Right from the start, we were bombarded with Chad. You know Chad, he was this season’s bad boy whose mother died right before the season started, which left him damaged. But that didn’t stop him from making some real questionable comments. Well, he was back and just as rude as you remember.

The men all expressed their feelings toward Chad, and no one was left with the warm fuzzies.

After what felt like hours, we moved on to other, more important topics, like sad, broken-hearted Luke. Luke was dumped after the hometown visits in a scene that was heartbreaking and, in the words of Chris Harrison, “one of the most shocking [exits] in Bachelorette history.” Salt, meet wounds.
Chase was up next, and he is clearly not over JoJo. 
When JoJo finally came out and joined the guys, it was clear that there was some tension.
Luke and Chase had their moments to talk to JoJo, and it was about as heartbreaking as a possibly scripted "reality" show could be. Then, for whatever reason, Chad was given more time to speak.
Later, Vinny was given a chance to ask JoJo a question, and when he said he didn't have one, his mom stepped up from the audience to tell her that she made a big mistake. 
Even the bloopers from these season were a snoozefest. JoJo hates bugs and the boys are clumsy. 
Who will end up with JoJo's heart: Robby or Jordan? Do we even care? 
Will Luke be the next Bachelor? A girl can dream, right?

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