Jimmy Kimmel investigated whether people knew more Avengers or U.S. presidents

avengers presidents

Screengrab via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Kimmel is as guilty as anyone else of saturating the media with the Avengers.

Comic book movies are everywhere nowadays, but just how much have people been paying attention?

Jimmy Kimmel decided to find out by dispatching a camera crew to ask people on the streets of Los Angeles how many Avengers and how many presidents they knew. Even if we just considered the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are still more presidents they could name.

The results were unsurprising, although some of them ended up naming members of the Justice League instead of Avengers.

Most people stop learning about the presidents after their last U.S. history class, whereas they soak in information about Avengers nonstop thanks to the power of the Disney marketing machine. Kimmel, of course, is as guilty as any other part of the PR machine, with his super-packed Marvel week that’s pretty much all Avengers all the time.

For those who may want to learn more about the presidents, there’s a song to get all of them (up to Bill Clinton, anyway) back in your memories.

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