'Anne of Green Gables' adaptation headed to Netflix

Anne of Green Gables

Screengrab via Sullivan Entertainment/Youtube

Your favorite video-on-demand service just scored a literary classic.

Anne of Green Gables is hitting the big screen—well, your computer screen at least. Netflix announced Monday that the eight-episode adaptation will premiere in 2017. 

Moira Walley-Beckett of Breaking Bad will be the lead writer and showrunner of the first season, which will reportedly have a two-hour-long series premiere. With a producer like Miranda de Pencier (Beginners) and director like Niki Caro (Whale Rider), the season is already receiving hype.  

Better known as the famous book by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the fictional story focuses on the life of a young orphan girl, Anne. After moving around between foster homes, she ends up living with an elderly woman and her brother. With due time, Anne begins to leave a positive mark on the family as well as the town.

The book was published in 1908, and has since been adapted several times for film, plays, and television. Filming starts next month in Ontario, Canada. Canada's CBC also got dibs on the show. 

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