Angel Haze bucks her label, leaks new album on the Internet

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Is the new album release model all about the element of surprise?

Is “pulling a Beyoncé” the new business model for musicians?

On Friday, Bey pulled off quite the feat, and covertly released her latest album online. She made people dust off their iTunes account, and collectively listen and weigh in, while enraging some big box stores in the process. Today, rapper Angel Haze took the same approach, though not so covertly.

The link included in her tweet led to the Soundcloud for her new album, Dirty Gold. It wasn’t up for long before the tracks disappeared.

So sorry to Island/Republic Records, but fuck you. I got here doing this for my fans and if you guys don't feel the same, it won't stop me.

Gotta love that @AngelHaze's label works hardest for her when they scramble to kill her leak lol. Everything she said = #cosign

Haze publicly bucked against label fuckery, and they tried to wipe up the leak, but not before she got the Internet talking about her album.

According to Pitchfork, Dirty Gold was scheduled for March release, but in this new age of Twitter leaks, all bets are off. In an interview with Billboard on Dec. 9, Haze’s manager, Nicola Carson, has this to say:

"If I didn't have Angel on lockdown, she'd just put [the album] up there," Carson says with a laugh. "She wants people to hear it now. She's so caught up in the moment and the creative space. She doesn't get caught up in the politics."

Point, Angel Haze?

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