AKineticTypographer turns Reddit comments into motion typography GIFs

The latest popular novelty account on Reddit animates the text of the site's funniest comments.

Reddit has a new novelty account, and it’s GIFtastic.

AKineticTypographer takes the most popular comment in a given thread and reimagines it as a motion typography GIF. This isn’t the first Reddit account to animate redditors’ comments—it’s following in the footsteps of popular novelty accounts like animates_everything—but it does appear to be the first to choose kinect text as a medium.

So far, it appears that the mystery typographer behind the account only comments on posts that link to an image.

The account first appeared on Wednesday when it left a comment on the r/funny post “Just a good old leisurely dive,” which featured the following image:

AKineticTypographer took the most upvoted comment on that thread, made by redditor Trollpadawan, and made it dynamic:

Another great example can be found in an image thread about “ Lance the heavy metal llama”:

The reaction to the novelty account has been largely positive. “The birth of something great, it seems,” wrote Nepycros, “Fly, you magnificent bastard.”

Other have offered feedback on the GIFs. “It’s good, but the last scene could stay just a little bit longer,” frustrationman mentioned.

As Slacktory pointed out, all six of AKineticTypographer’s GIFs were posted Wednesday in the span of 12 hours. Since then, no new work by the account has emerged.

Photo via AKineticTypographer/Reddit

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