The next Justin Bieber could be blowing up right now

The 14-year-old's video is ready for lift off.

Fourteen-year-old Ahsan, and his rendition of Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You?,” is on the verge of going viral.

Ahsan, who says he loves “classic music” in his video’s description, has sure put together a classy debut on YouTube. His music video is well filmed and edited, and the only thing on a freshly made channel titled “ahsanmusic.”

Views on Ahsan’s 4:24 video are currently frozen at 301 views, a tell-tale sign of YouTube’s servers struggling to keep up under a surge of traffic. But is it a sign his video is about to go mainstream?

He’s already got some creeptastic fans, if that’s any indication:

“Can't wait til he hits puberty...Black Justin Bieber!” commented YouTube user drivnbydeath.  

In fact, the social news site Reddit is so convinced of his impending fame, one user linked to his four-minute soulful video with the title “this kid is about to blow the fuck up.” At just over two hours old, the thread already has 400 upvotes.

“I hope the record industry doesn't wreck this kid's life,” wrote Redditor wanttoseemycat.

Photo via YouTube

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