Adele invites fan onstage to sing—and gets blown away

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Screengrab via Adele/Instagram

This was no ordinary fan.

She may be one of pop's most booming voices, but don't call Adele a diva—not after her latest off-script stunt. 

This week in Los Angeles at a Staples Center concert, the Grammy-winning singer passed the mic during "Remedy" to someone in her audience. For the next few minutes, Adele was happy to play swooning fan. 

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The Adele fan was 24-year-old Atlanta-raised singer Jamie Grace, who was so impressive she followed up with an impromptu version of  Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love." Grace is no amateur, however. Four years ago, she was nominated for a Grammy for best contemporary Christian music song. 

Hey if I'm a pop star, no one is taking my microphone while I'm singing up there. Kudos to Adele's self-assured poise.

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