12 days of Etsy
On day two of the Daily Dot's holiday guide to Etsy, Charlotte and Mia sell personalized Hanukkah gifts.  

The season’s just begun, but Ericka Schnitzer-Reese is already feeling the Hannukah spirit.

The Etsy seller behind Charlotte and Mia, a store that specializes in personalized goods for families and children, recently began offering Hannukah trays, dishes and toys.

This month, she was commissioned to create a personalized toy to celebrate a Hannukah miracle—a family spending their first holiday together. Schnitzer-Reese was touched.

“One family ordered a dreidel for their new daughter, who was adopted abroad after her parents tried for years to have a child,” she told the Daily Dot in an email. “Knowing that I was creating a keepsake to commemorate their first holiday season together as a family was so meaningful and touching.”

For Schnitzer-Reese, who said she stays up late in November and December to make sure gifts get shipped on time, it’s little things like that which make the hectic holiday season worthwhile.

Children adore seeing their cute little cartoonish images on their very own plates,” she said. “The best part is that I love creating items that I know gift recipients will love,” she said.


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